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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Hello There World!

Finally able to post after a long weekend and a bout of illness. Seems like forever since I updated...

Had a fun weekend, although it was HOT, HOT, HOT! Greg and I went to a semi-annual flea market in historic Brownville, NE. It's a huge event that encompasses the entire town. The entire main street of the place is wall to wal vendors. It's quite a sight to see. It's always fun and always some interesting things for sale.

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As you can see the crowd goes on forever, or a 1/2 mile or so...whichever comes first. ;) I didn't buy much, nothing sparked my interest. But it was a fun day with my brother and his girls.

Obviously I worked away on HOHRH and got the first block done (except the black) and started on the second block. I'm half way through the second block, it's easier I think.

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The only down side of this block is that w/out that black it's PALE. So I am still debating whether to go back later and fill in black. At this point I'm not interested in doing it soooo.... But other than that it looks very nice! The blending turned out great!

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Here's the second block. I finished all the flowers up last night. I have to confess though that while the outside of this block is counted perfect, not so with the inside. :( Ah well, these things me...a lot... ;) But I think I covered it well and won't remember it later on when it's all finished. (laughs hysterically knowing I never forget these things) ;) Anyhoo! This block is moving along and it's an enjoyable project to work on. I am ever surprised by the colors though. Thinking things will be a certain color and realizing they aren't is tricky.

Well I hope everyone had a fun Memorial weekend! Now it's almost time for another time flies. :D

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Your stitching looks great. HOHRH is one of those patterns I have admired for ages, but I will have to settle with watching your progress. Im not even sure if it is available here in NZ.

By Blogger StitchCat, at 6/01/2006 8:53 PM  

The blending turned out really well. :)

By Anonymous Jenna, at 6/01/2006 10:20 PM  

I just love the blending - I will copy you when I reach that house. And you are moving along really fast in the project - what's your secret? ;-)

By Blogger Barbara, at 6/02/2006 1:50 AM  

Good to hear from you, Kim! :)
I love your first house. Why not see how it blends in with the other squares before deciding on adding the black? I like it that way personally ;)

Enjoy your weekend!

By Blogger Isabelle, at 6/02/2006 2:25 AM  

THIS IS LOOKING GREAT!! Well done so far!

By Anonymous Coral, at 6/02/2006 5:48 AM  

The blending was really what the design required! It's perfect!
I don't notice any miscount, Mrs Perfection!
And ditto Isabelle for the black: wait and see!!!
Hope you have a fine week end!
Lots of hugs! (Now, I'm off to Greg's blog).

By Blogger Lili, at 6/02/2006 7:10 AM  

Your needle must be red hot! Wow, you stitched that first house up fast. I didn't notice any mistakes in the second block, but I'm like you: I never forget mistakes... The blending looks fabulous, and if I ever get to stitch HoHRH, I will shamelessly steal this idea. Like the rest of your readers :o)

By Blogger Annemarie, at 6/02/2006 3:24 PM  

they're looking great.. especially love the blending effect on the first block.

By Blogger ~Harsha~, at 6/03/2006 8:32 PM  

Sorry to hear you weren't well. I hope you are back to your normal self.

It sounds like you had a nice weekend despite being ill.

HOHRH is looking fantastic. Congrats on getting your first block finished. And the second block is looking good. I am really going to enjoy watching you progress through this design. It looks a lot of fun as each block is very different.


By Blogger karensff, at 6/04/2006 7:10 AM  

Hi Kim your HOHRH is looking great .I've just ordered it from Stiching Bits and Bobs and can hardly wait for it too arrive .

By Blogger Tracy Baby, at 6/05/2006 4:10 AM  

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