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Monday, August 28, 2006

Let's Go Trick or Treating!

Well I tried to do an update post on Friday, but Blogger was tempermental so I gave up. So here are progress pics from then:

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I finished this block off and am onto the next one. I'm now on block 7 (or 3 if you follow them in order). And this next block is going faster than I had expected. :D

Greg has finished the witches feet and started on the pumpkin, but had to detour for a birthday present. I will try to get updated pics of both these projects for tomorrow. :D

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Here's my progress on Block 3. I like the diamond motif, it's very nice looking and so far easy to stitch. I got a lot of stitching done over the weekend watching the HBO series Rome on dvd. There are 10 episodes and all are very well done. I enjoyed it a lot and hope that when they do a second season that it also appears on dvd at the rental place. :D

Here is a pic of my newest Halloween stuff! I found these while shopping yesterday and HAD to have them...sadly I couldn't afford to bring the *whole* party home...a kitty, some ghosts and a skeleton had to stay behind. ;)

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Aren't they just the cutest! They are ready for lots of chocolate, although one of the pumpkin boys looks like he could cut back a bit. ;)

Hope your week is starting out great!

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Awwww Kim they are sooo cute - my favourite is the pumpkin with the handbag ;-) Hope your Monday was good - we had a public holiday in England so I chilled out and stitched most of the day which was really nice

By Blogger Ali B, at 8/28/2006 4:06 PM  

Thanks for leaving a comment on my Blog...I added your Blog to my "blogroll". I love your Halloween kids....I'm jealous of your HoHRH....and completely envious that your husband stitches too....want to send him my way....I love the witch he's stitching and have it in my "to do" pile as well. Now I won't get any stitching done because I'm reading all these blogs!! AND having stitching envy! LOL!

By Blogger Vonna, at 8/28/2006 5:20 PM  

awwww.. lovely halloween knick knacks!

By Blogger ~Harsha~, at 8/28/2006 10:16 PM  

The houses are growing !
Go on !

By Blogger Christine, at 8/29/2006 3:13 AM  

These Halloween decorations are so cute! The day when we find such lovely Halloween things around here, I might convert?... Here, it's bright plastic, glow-in-the-dark ugliest, scariest things...
I'm dreaming of a Corpse Bride (from the great movie) doll I saw in a shop that has closed down, unfortunately... That would be something!
Your houses are a dream! I look forward to every update!
The witch does not appear on Greg's blog? Well, tell him that if he doesn't want us to know that he is unfaithful to Evangeline, the secret has been discovered some time!!!
Lots of hugs!

By Blogger Lili, at 8/29/2006 4:16 AM  

Your Halloween stuff is awesome! And your latest house blocks look fantastic! :)

By Blogger Barbara, at 8/29/2006 4:43 AM  

lovely stitching, cute Halloweenies!!! I'm not very good at "seasonal" usually seems like I don't have enough uncluttered surfaces to do it....

By Blogger Erin, at 8/29/2006 9:40 AM  

Lovely stitching all around!!
And I just loooove those figurines - they remind me so much of The Nightmare before Christmas. I have to show them to Seb as it is one of our favourite movies. Love them!! :)

By Blogger Isabelle, at 8/29/2006 1:38 PM  

Great going on HoHRH, as well as Greg's progress on your witch. Woohoo! Fabulous Halloween figures, too. I hope you get to bring more of them home later. ;)

By Anonymous Jenna, at 8/30/2006 2:06 PM  

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