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Friday, February 23, 2007

Fresh Coffee!

So in case you were wondering if I had dropped off the face of the planet, the answer is yes...sort of. I had a bad case of the flu all last week and a holiday on Monday and have been swamped since then. LOL

But I'm feeling better, which is great, but still swamped which is not so great...but surviving. SO I just wanted to do a quick post to show you what I've been up too. :)

I finished my butterfly project and got it framed. It looks pretty good, although I had some trouble with the fabric. It was very crooked and I had a hard time pressing it straight. But after fighting it a bit I did get it set the way I wanted. I am a bit disappointed with the colors. They aren't as light as in the package model and you can't see under the Eiffel tower the way you are supposed to. And I know that I got all the stitches right in this area, so obviously the threads weren't exactly the colors they should've been. But overall it looks pretty great. I did leave off a couple of effects that I didn't think were necessary (french knots) and I love how the backstitchng turned out. So here is the finished project:

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The mat I found for this was just want I wanted! It was a fun and challenging project, but not sure if I would buy a Dimensions kit again.

I also started on my next project. Hinzeit's Fresh Ground Coffee. I changed some of the colors and tea dyed my own fabric. So far I am LOVING this one. I always seem to love Hinzeit patterns they are so crisp and clean. And they go fast, as of now I have almost all the "Fresh" lettering done, although I don't have a pic yet to share.

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Greg has been working on Summer Snapperland and finished it last night. This is just a progress pic as I didn't have a chance to snap the finished project:

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This is such a cute project, I love the little crab in the corner.

Yuko, if you are reading this, thanks again for the tips on tea dying. I tried it again this weekend and got FANTASTIC results. When I need a tan colored fabric in the future this is how I'm going to get it. Unfortunately some of my other food dying experiments didn't go as well as the curry, but no matter it was fun trying. :)

Hope everyone has had a great week!

16 comment(s):

The butterfly is very pretty - love the frame you chose for it.

By Anonymous June, at 2/23/2007 2:39 PM  

I love the butterfly picture and the frame is perfect :)

By Blogger Maree, at 2/23/2007 4:45 PM  

I think the project turned out beautifully! Congratulations on the finish. :) Your next project is off to a great start, too.

By Anonymous Jenna, at 2/23/2007 6:08 PM  

Your butterfly turned out lovely. The different looking textures the kit had are so interesting, and your framing really sets it off well. The different snapperland series are cute, looking forward to seeing his finished piece, and more of your coffee one as well. Congrats on your tea dying project turning out so well.

By Blogger stitcherw, at 2/23/2007 7:26 PM  

the butterfly looks good in the frame!

By Anonymous monique, at 2/23/2007 10:28 PM  

Hello Kim, good to see you back. Hope you will recover fully really soon. Take care, Ann.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2/24/2007 2:47 AM  

What a gorgeous finish!! I'm glad you're better :)

By Blogger Isabelle, at 2/24/2007 7:07 AM  

What a gorgeous finish!! I'm glad you're better :)

By Blogger Isabelle, at 2/24/2007 7:07 AM  

Here there, busy woman! Glad that you're back, though I do hope you won't be swamped for much longer.

Great project pictures! I love the Dimensions kit project and the mat/frame combo are perfect for it. The fabric and floss colors you're using for the fresh coffee project are gorgeous!!!!

And yes, that crab is adorable - post a finished picture soon!

By Blogger Barbara, at 2/24/2007 9:10 AM  

Your butterfly project is beautiful! The framing is just perfect.

By Blogger Chelle, at 2/24/2007 1:31 PM  

Kim, haven't you received anything with the mail by now? No big yellow package? I've send the package end of January. Everybody else has received theirs. I start to get worried... :-( Ann.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2/26/2007 6:58 AM  

The Butterfly is amazing! Very beautiful!

By Blogger Dawn, at 2/26/2007 8:00 AM  

Lovely Kim...I dearly love that Paris project you did and I think it looks stunning framed :)

Tea dying...have you tried the basting and baking? It works MAGIC...I'm telling you!

By Blogger Vonna, at 2/26/2007 8:23 AM  

Your butterfly came out so very nice! So glad you feel better now! hugs!

By Blogger Michelle-ozark crafter, at 2/26/2007 10:38 PM  

it turned out so nice and the frame looks perfect.

By Blogger Shell, at 2/27/2007 2:16 AM  

This is a perfect achievement, Kim! As always... I know how challenging Dimensions projects can be... Yuck...
Take care!

By Blogger Lili, at 2/27/2007 8:12 AM  

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