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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lady In Red

Just an update on the Faith, Hope and Honor project I'm currently working on. It's going pretty well, if not so fast. I probably could go faster but why hurry? :D

Here's an update pic:


There are a couple of things I changed here, 1) her skin color and 2) her dress color.

I changed her skin color because she was basically Ecru, which meant you'd never see her against this fabric without backstitching and the pattern doesn't have any backstitching. So I opted to come up with a realistic skin color, as realstic as I could anyhow. After a couple of experiments I think she looks nice. This is a combination of a DMC color and a specialty thread that Greg used for Evangeline. I feel it's just the right combo of pink and peachyness to look make her look alive and not like a blood drained corpse. ;)

The dress I changed because when I pulled the color that the pattern called for it was too coral pink and not red enough. I wanted red. I like this so much better the pink just didn't suit me or this project. Red is more regal to me.

The lion is an interesting thing to stitch. It's made of two different colors that are so close together that you can barely tell one from another unless it's right in front of you. I'm not sure why the designer felt that it needed 2 colors but I stuck with it. I do love how the mane is turning out. At first it seemed a pain to stitch it but once I saw the effect I loved it.

I have to say that the colors that you see in the model stitch picture are definately not like the DMC colors. The DMC seems brighter and stronger. For example the green blocks in the model pic seem more blackish, but the DMC is a definate forrest green. I'm sure that this is because the designer intended this to be stitched with silk specialty threads. These threads are beautiful but if you are on a budget forget it they will break you. I think sometime it would be nice to see a designer show us two model stitches, one with the specialty threads and one with DMC so that we can see what we are actually gonna stitch if we opt for the conversion. (This is just a pet peeve of mine.)

Overall I still love this pattern and the symbology of it and I know it will be a long time favorite. :D Not to mention that it is a relatively easy stitch. :D

In other news, a couple of weeks ago we went on vacation to Minneapolis and while there visited a very nifty cross stitch store. If you are ever up that way check them out: Stitchville
Our jaws hit the floo when we walked in, I haven't seen that much stitching stuff all in one place before, it was totally amazing. They have everything you could possibly ever want, let's just say we spent a cartload of cash there and had a blast doing it.

Take care!!