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Monday, October 30, 2006


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I ask you, how could anyone resist a face like this one? This guy (or gal) is just ready to PAR-TAY! LOL So of course I brought him (or her) home so he (or she) could party with the rest of my wacky decorations! :) The best part, I got it on clearance! I mean, what's not to love it's a giant skeleton (almost 3 feet tall) with a party hat! Yes, I know, my obsession knows no bounds... (big sigh) :)

As you can see I had a fun weekend rummaging around for more un-necessary Halloween decorations. It was a lot of fun and I did restrain myself and only brought this one item home. :)

I also did some stitching. The top of my latest block is taking shape!

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I'm not overly fond of "fill-in" stitching, but I think this looks great. I did substitute DMC 844 for black, I just think the black is so harsh looking. The only "grrr" moment was when I asked Greg how it looked and he said "Nice cat on the moon!" LOL, LOL FYI - It's an OWL.

Here is Greg's latest work. He's nearly done with the dog and I think he's glad, he's been grousing about the white since he started it. This pattern didn't turn out exactly as he had anticipated so he's glad he's almost done. ;)

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And lastly, I wanted to show you this really cool lap tray that my dad made us. It's specifically for stitching and has a tilt top. He added a little lip to hold our magnetic boards so it makes stitching a lot easier. I love the idea of the floor stands out there but I don't like stitching on rollers...believe me I've tried and we just weren't compatible. ;)

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H A L L O W E E N!!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Feed me, Seymour!

With more feedback! LOL I confess, your kind praises and words of support inspired me to work really hard on my project this weekend. I got so much done that I was amazed with myself...really, no kidding. ;) Thanks to everyone who stopped in and helped me feel better! :D

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Not only did I finish the final top block, but I decided to go ahead and fill in the back ground on my first block. :) I love how block 4 turned out, darkening the color was a bit of a pain, but it looks so much better. :D

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I decided not to go stark black for the background, it seemed too harsh. So I went for DMC 844 which is dark grey and used one strand. I like the softness of it much more than the strong black.

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Here is an overall view. I'm 2/3 of the way through! I can't believe it! :D It's going to be weird working on the bottom row. LOL But now that I'm that far along I am hoping to grab some inspiration and get moving along. ;)

Greg is still working away on his terrier. Here's his latest update!

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It's starting to really come together, he's doing a great job, as always!

Well, I'm feeling better and back to work. Not 100% yet, but close enough. ;) I get a flu shot on Wednesday, so I'm hoping that will help keep that at bay and hold me over till Spring. ;) (crosses fingers) Hope everyone else is feeling great and doing well. I've got a lot of blogs to check out and "howdy's" to leave. :D

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Re-Painting the Walls

I've finally been working a bit on my latest house. After being totally annoyed with the colors I decided to darken it up a bit just to make it more pleasing to me. ;)

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I haven't made huge strides, but I did get the roof on and the fence up. It's a start at least and I feel a lot better since I began re-coloring it. I can be so fussy about the little things. It still feels like I have so much left to do, but finishing this block will be a big milestone in this project. :) I'll take a picture of the whole thing once I finish this block.

Greg has been working away on his Jack Russell Terrier and here is his latest update, note that he does NOT have a stitching slump. LOL

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I think this guy is so cute and the black fabric was a great choice. Can't wait to see it finished. :D

So lucky me, I had food poisoning over the weekend and NOW I have a cold. I think my immune system got whopped up side the head and didn't know what hit it. LOL The food thing was so nasty that the cold is just an annoyance although I am beginning to lose my voice. I think I need my blankie and some hot tea. LOL, LOL, LOL

I hope everyone else is feeling great! I do think though that cold and flu season is headed our way. Fortunately I get a flu shot next week, so maybe I'll get lucky on that front. (crosses fingers) I'm going to go find my vitamin C. :) Take care!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Annemarie tagged me to list seven songs that I am listening to at the moment. AND though I had not intended to post for a while (feeling a bit wonky, got food poisoning over the weekend) how could I resist as this plays into my self indulgent angst at the moment. LOL

Other Side of the World - K.T. Tunstall
Amazed - Poe
Let Love In - Goo Goo Dolls
Chances Are - Sheryl Crow
Accidentally in Love - The Counting Crows
All for Love - Nancy Wilson
Ordinary World - Duran Duran

For the record I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Poe. Sadly she doesn't have a bunch of albums out there, just two. Haunted is so beautiful and is dedicated to her father who passed away a couple of years before she made the album. K.T. Tunstall is my newest favorite and ironically enough I bought it for Greg, not me. I love the diversity of the songs and how she can change her style from one song to another.

Thanks Annemarie for tagging me! Now I want to tag a couple of people, if they want to participate, great if not no worries! :D


Hope everybody is having a great week!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


It's official...I'm in a stitching slump. I just can't seem to get motivated *at all*. I've have had minor slumps off and on but this one is really hitting hard. I just don't even want to think about stitching. :(

I think it all started with some personal stress that has jumped up into our lives, by way of car problems. The problems are nothing serious, but making me nuts. I hate it when I go to a mechanic, tell him the problem and he looks at me like I'm a nut job or he's humoring me cuz I'm a nut job. Why do these people treat women like dog crap? I recognize when my car has a problem and I usually catch the problems long before Greg even notices them. (grrrrrr) Basically I just hate car problems, I just want to get in it and go. So thus the stress lately. I did get good news, the program I work for just got renewed for several more years. (Yea us!) So I should be in a good mood except for the car stuff. We decided in order to alleviate some of the car stress we would get a new commuter car for Greg and all went well we got a fairly good deal, etc. But 4 days later the NEW car needs new brake rotors. Aaaaackkkkk! Stress, Stress, Stress! (LOL, LOL) Fortunately it's new and has a great warranty, so it's fixed FREE. But the old car, the one that *I* get drive now, is still creaking and groaning down the road, it runs though so who can complain. ;)

But I digress, it's obvious that all the stress is causing me to not want to stitch right now. Which doesn't bode well for those African patterns I wanted to make. As a matter of fact, I think I'm just going to skip them and keep going on my current project. It's just too much pressure to think about trying to zip through anything else right now. I will either do them after I finish HOHRH or save them for next year. Yes, one less thing to worry about. ;)

So, here is the latest on my house. You will see that I haven't gotten that much done considering it's been well over a week since my last picture.

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I think the thing that annoys me about this block is that while I like the colors they are NOTHING like the picture on the pattern. I was expecting this block to be very dark, but it's not. And I am not restitching it. I am a little disappointed with the color conversion with this whole project. While I realize it's hard to convert from certain fibers to others, I really think that some of the colors are just totally wrong. SO, if you decide to use the DMC conversion and want it to look like the picture, keep that in mind and do some creative swapping.

Okay, enough bellyaching for now. ;p I hope your week is going well! :D