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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's Been A Long Summer

I'd like to say I have an excuse or two for not posting for the last 3 months but I don't. It's just life and lack of enthusiasm. I just hadn't been stitching anything that really got me excited to share. But recently I started a Halloween project that really sparked my interest and even got me to stretch the boundaries of what I would normally take on. I guess I just got bored and then finally decided to try something different and that got me going again. :D

First off I haven't finished the Lady in Red. I stopped half way through her when I saw this project I'm doing now. It was taking me forever to finish her because I had just lost all interest in it and wasn't working on it. So I did something I don't normally do, I put it aside in favor of a new project. Here is where (almost) I left off with the lady:


I actually finished the entire top of this project and was moving down towards the bottom when I put it aside. Looking at it now after some weeks I am once again interested to work on it. I think that I now finally understand why so many of you do rotations. :D

Here is the project that got me sparked up again! It's all thanks to San, she asked for this magazine (Cross Stitch and Needlework/Sept) and it had this wonderful project in it! It was so beautiful that I just HAD to do it.


It's by Nora Corbett from Mirabilia. I have never stitched one of her patterns before and I didn't think that I ever would. They just seemed to difficult for me, but this one was right there and it was a HALLOWEEN project and I couldn't resist. I even bought all the Kreiniks and Beads for it and I intend to put (almost) all the beads on it. Me, the no bead's a miracle. LOL

Here is my current progress:


I started this right at the very last few days of July, so even I am impressed at how fast I have put this together. I am done with all the DMC stitching and am now into all the Kreiniks and then the beading. I have to say it was a fairly easy project to stitch and I enjoyed every moment of it. I did make some minor changes to it. I changed some of the backstitch colors. I wasn't sure the Kreinik would be all that easy to work with, but I stitched up the green on the pumpkin last night and it went very easily. I have to say that the colors in the picture are a bit misleading as some of the beads look orange and white. The beads around her skirt are actually a very pretty red and the ones that look white up by the moon are actually seafoam colored. I was a bit surprised by that but the colors are still very pretty. All in all I would say that if you love Nora Corbett and you can get your hands on this magazine, you won't be disappointed in this project.

Lastly I leave you with Greg's recent finish. This is another charity stitch. He just didn't have time to finish his Liberty project so he did this up as a replacement. It's from Bent Creek:


Hope everyone has been having a great summer!