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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Walking Wounded

That's what I was over Thanksgiving. I was a disaster waiting to happen. LOL

After an uneventful turkey dinner my family decided we'd stop at Walmart before they headed home. They live in an isolated area about 90 miles from me so any excuse to shop they take it. LOL And Walmart was the only thing open on Thanksgiving. ;) I was doing fine until Greg decided to show me a couple of soup pans. We had decided we need a bigger pan for soups and the first one was too pricey and I figured that he wouldn't want to hunt all over the store to show me another one...wrong. He found an inexpensive pan that as I looked it over seemed wrong, too thin, etc. As I handed it back to him I managed to cut my finger on a jagged piece of metal on the handle. A good 3/4 inch long cut to my left hand middle finger. It didn't hurt but it was deep and started to bleed a lot. Everyone was saying "ahh, you're bleeding!" And we jokingly called it a demon pan, since Greg had carried it all over the store and didn't get cut. He found me some bandaids and off we went my family making jokes about me slicing my finger off in Walmart and how much money could they get. LOL, LOL

The next day Greg and I went out to do some shopping, no not in the the busiest stores, and somehow I snagged my index finger and bent the nail clean back to the quick breaking it. OUCH! That one did hurt! And of course it was on the same hand as the other cut. Not a big deal, except that I am left handed. LOL, LOL After that Greg said no more shopping as I'm dangerous to myself. LOL

Other than that the weekend was quiet. I managed to finish Block 9 and get a good start on Block 10. I also got out all my Xmas decorations but still don't feel that Xmasy. I just feel a bit blah this year....

Anyhoo! I got Block 9 finished! :)

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It turned out great! Love it! The shooting stars are my favorite. :D

Next since I had a long weekend I managed to watch some tv and stitch away!

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The house is going fairly fast considering the "brick". I think that after doing the brick on Block 3 I sort of had the hang of how it was supposed to go. :) I was a bit afraid that the house would look too similar to the house in Block 3 but it really doesn't. I think the cow will be my favorite part of this block...that and the fact that I will have only 2 blocks to go after this. :D

Here's an overview:

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It's amazing how different it looks with each block that gets filled in. It's just so BIG and impressive. I can hardly believe that it was ME that stitched it... ;)

Greg is slowly working on his Garfield. He got distracted by bicycle stuff so didn't get him completely finished.

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Hope your Turkey day was fun and pie filled! :) Or at least you had a good Thursday if you don't celebrate Thanksgiving. :D

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Raisin' the Roof

I finally got the roof on the old house. :)

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I actually have quite a bit more done since this picture, but you get the idea. Since installing the roof, the orange has grown on me. I actually like it with the golden's still wild, but fun! :) I'm still dragging a bit on finishing this block. I just keep getting distracted. But weirdly, I don't mind that much. Somehow the predictability of picking up the same project is comforting. (I know, I'm strange. :D)

I keep thinking I'll pick up steam but not so far. And truthfully I'm kind of glad not to be doing any holiday stitching this year, it's nice to just stitch whatever I want and not feel obligated towards anything. :)

Greg has been working away on Garfield and he has got a lot done, he's the MEGA stitcher! :D

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Garfield is so adorable and I love his bunny slippers. Can't wait to see this one finished. :D Greg is still working on Evangaline too, but off and on. But that project is so pretty, every time I see it I am wowed! :D

Not much else going on...Dancing with the Stars finale tonite, that will be exciting. :D Hope your week is going great!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Wild and Crazy Block Party

I'm halfway through my current house and I have to say, uh ... what's up with the colors? I went ahead and used the recommended shades and well...considering the time of year it sort of does remind me of an exploded pumpkin. Maybe the inhabitants of Block 9 had a WILD (exceptionally wild) Halloween party and this is the result, all the windows are coated with pumpkin slime... or not. LOL, LOL

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Actually I like the color of the house, it's just the orange that's a big off, but then this is all folk art and those colors never make sense. ;) I admit that I haven't gotten as much done as I'd like, too many chores last weekend. But I am plugging away at it.

I was also distracted by Dancing with the Stars and Lost and Heroes... Fortunately DWTS is almost over and Lost did a "fall finale" last night. Sometimes television is a good thing as it gives me a good background for stitching and sometimes it's a distraction, as in DWTS. It's hard to just "listen" to that show. ;) And Lost has so many weird subtexts that if you don't watch you will miss something. I imagine that now that those are gone for a while my stitching will pick up as I go back to easy to listen to history shows. ;)

Greg is working on a cute Garfield project.

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He's using a purple fabric that looks great with this, I'll try to get update pics soon. :D

Not much to report, except that we are onto the next holiday, Thanksgiving, but the Christmas decorations are up everywhere. It's a bit weird as it doesn't seem like it's time yet.

It's a beautiful day here, warm and the wind is blowing strong enough to stir up all the dead leaves and make them come showering off the trees. Very surreal experience to walk through a shower of leaves. :)

Hope your week is going great!